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Strong Riders = Strong Horses

Developing your horse's confidence is the key to a good relationship with her. The way to achieve that goal is to become the best communicator you can be to your horse. I can help you become a better, clearer and more confident communicator to your horse through a variety of techniques, from dressage, natural horsemanship, field hunting and western methods.

You and your Horse!

My goal with horses is to make them safe, sane and happy. The methods I use are started from the ground up, with a foundation in ground manners using a rope halter.

I want the horses I work around to be safe on the ground as well as in the saddle. I can assess any horse and find what job they would best be suited for and can take on any horse as I have experience in many seats.

 I hope that every student I teach walks away with the best experience possible. I would like them to be confident, sensitive and effective riders with a good, solid seat and the ability to take their riding future in any direction they would choose.




Rebecca M. Sexton

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